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Team & Advisors

Dr. Daniel Zhou is the company's principle consultant. He earned his PhD degree in 2013 in machine learning from UMich School of Information. He is an experienced data scientist, software architect, code developer, and entrepreneur.

Chris Roszell leads marketing and project/product strategy, and has his masters at the Ross School of Business with extensive edtech and machine learning management experience. His passions are in technology entrepreneurship and AI trends.

Patrick Schoeps has developed a range of web-based services and websites using Ruby on Rails, and worked previously at Y-Combinator backed startup CribSpot. He holds an undergraduate degree in Neuroscience from the University of Michigan.

Dr. Sheng Kung contributes extensive data science advising for our clients, and has a range of experience in healthcare, manufacturing and automotive engineering. He holds a PhD in machine learning and degrees from the University of Michigan and Stanford.

Sal Saia has extensive computer science experience in Ruby on Rails and various frontend frameworks. He maintains full-stack development capabilities and has a passion for experience-driven design. He is a recent graduate of Stony Brook University in New York.

Ajay Gudivada is a recent graduate of the University of Michigan in the data science and informatics programs. He maintains a range of engineering and business management experience and contributes both to software development and project management.

Aditya Gudibanda has his B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics at Yale University, and has developed strong experience applying state of the art techniques in machine learning to industry problems both as a consultant and as a researcher.

David Henslovitz is building out the company's presence in New York City, contributing with business development and operational strategy. He studied Economics at the University of Michigan, and maintains extensive experience managing and analyzing financial data.

Our aim is to deliver the results you want, driving your organization's success.

Knowsun’s support team consists of staff from UMich CoE and SI, talent from Georgetown, Columbia and Berkeley, and complementary consulting agencies in the US and abroad. We maintain deep roots in the University of Michigan and local + coastal tech communities

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